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5 Reasons Why Your Lock Isn't As Safe As You Think

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

The deadbolt lock. The earliest patent for a deadbolt lock was filed in 1848. Since then, the technology is relatively unchanged. Over 70% of homes in the United States still use a standard deadbolt lock. However, in today's society, the deadbolt isn't enough. Here's 5 reasons why your lock isn't as safe as you think:

1. Landlords and Maintenance Men Have Copies of Your Key

I've heard countless stories of awkward encounters with maintenance men/landlords. These unexpected intrusions can catch many off-guard, especially those who live in an apartment complex. Unfortunately, these encounters can go beyond awkward, to something much more sinister.

2. Criminals can Easily Pick Your Lock with a Tool Called a Bump Key

A new breed of criminals is breaking into our homes with a key that they can purchase off the internet for a few dollars. This special key is known as a "Bump Key" and can open almost any lock. When the key is inserted into your lock and tapped, your lock is then compromised, and these criminals now have access into your home. A startling 60% of rapes occur during home invasions. Unfortunately, with a technique like key bumping, criminals can break into your home by being virtually silent and give you or your loved ones no time to call for help.

3. Previous Tenants Have Copies of Your Key

Only 40% of landlords actually change locks between tenant leases. This means that in addition to your landlord having a key to your home, old tenants could be holding onto a spare key as well. This is very unsettling, especially for individuals who live alone.

4. Chain Locks are Ineffective

I know that I've mainly focused on deadbolt locks, but I want to shift gears to chain locks now. The chain lock provides an additional layer of security once your deadbolt has been compromised. The problem with the chain lock, however, is A.) many doors don't actually have chain locks. B.) the chain lock still allows intruders to open your door slightly and C.) the chain lock can be just as easily compromised with a tool called a "chain-catcher", which is nothing more than a piece of tape and a hair-tie. Here's how a "chain-catcher" works:

5. Previous Roommates/Ex-Lovers Have Copies of Your Key

Things don't always work out with your significant other. Things don't always work out with your roommates. Sometimes you have to kick them out. That being said, nothing is more frightening than a spiteful ex, be it an ex-lover or an ex-roommate.

One out of every four women have reported being abused at one point during adulthood. Over 67% of women reported being stalked at one point. Further, anyone who has ever watched a murder investigation show knows the first person that law enforcement interviews in a murder investigation is the victim's current/former lover. This is because over 60% of all murders against women are committed by a current/former lover. When women consider that their ex might have a spare copy of their key, these statistics become that much more alarming.

I'm not very handy, so how can I make my lock safer?

Luckily, there's a simple solution to this massive problem--the Door Angel. The Door Angel simply hangs over your deadbolt knob and requires absolutely no tools to install. When an intruder attempts to use either a copy of your key, or a "bump-key" to enter your home, the Door Angel is preventing them from breaking in, by simply bumping up against your doorjamb:

Not all doors have a doorjamb, but that's not a problem. Each door angel comes pre-packaged with a "restrictor" and double-sided tape. You simply stick the restrictor onto your door and it works as follows:

But wait, won't this thing break if an intruder turns the key hard enough?

Not at all. The magic behind the Door Angel is leverage. This product's patented design takes advantage of the laws of physics in order to secure your door. No matter how hard an intruder turns the key, he/she cannot get enough leverage to breach the Door Angel.

To purchase a Door Angel, click here. To see more of how the Door Angel works. watch the following video:

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